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English only article – Slovak version coming soon | Článok je iba v angličtine, preklad pribudne čoskoro.

During our travels, we’ve got to know many other travellers that share our passion of independent overland travel. It is impossible to mention everyone, as there are simply too many of them, but I’ve listed a few with interesting or inspirational websites 🙂

From Slovakia

  • Bronco namiesto hotela* – Slovak overlanding couple, who built a custom Ford Bronco camper and went on a honeymoon… to Siberia and back.
  • Vista Travellers* – Adventure in a station wagon, driving from the northernmost point in Europe to Gibraltar? This Slovak couple proves you don’t need a huge 4×4 or a van to travel the overland way….
  • Lada svetom* – … and these (a bit mad) guys prove that you can drive a Lada to Mongolia, or Thailand, if you want to.

International & Inspirational

  • Landcruising Adventure – a couple overlanding in vintage BJ45 Landcruiser since 2003. Great photos, stories and information.
  • Tuck’s truck* – Overlanders in a gorgeous 4×4 Iveco Daily camper. Probably my dream camper. Good stories and great geeky technical information, especially about modern cars in high altitude.
  • Overland Way* – A great couple making travelling around the world in a 4×4 Mitsubishi Delica, making great Youtube series.
  • Overland the Americas – A couple travelling around the Americas in their Land Cruiser, often going off road & with amazing photography.
  • Wander with me – Another vintage BJ45 Landcruiser going down the Americas, also with a great photographer (see a pattern here?)
  • DinoEvo – Another PanAmerican adventure, but with extemely detailed website describing the build of their Mitsubishi Delica camper. Probably the best tiny camper I’ve seen.
  • KombiLife – A guy, who did something like “Couchsurfing on wheels”, inviting people to join him in his VW Kombi that he drove from Chile to Alaska. In the end, it took him 6 years – and he made a (slightly hippie, but nevertheless good) YouTube series about it.
  • Monkeys on the road* – Overlanding family with a young 5+ year old girl? This great family is proving it’s possible (and an amazing thing to do)
  • Slow Car Fast House* – Former VW Vanagon owners modified their pickup camper, with good info on their website. Now on their way to South America.
  • Adonde Vamois* –  Two Argentinians travelling back home from Canada in a pick-up and a big camper, documenting everything along the way.



* we’ve met