G&K – Campo 9, Paraguay

G&K – Campo 9, Paraguay

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The story of our fourth wedding began in Brazil, where we tried and tried to find a wedding. At last, we succeeded – and this was mainly because of the amazing Paz Casamentos agency. Welcome to the wedding of Gisele and Kevin. 🙂

But before we get to the wedding, I have to praise Paz Casamentos a little bit. Right from the start, we could see that we are dealing with professionals – not only they were the only ones that actually responded to our e-mail (99% of our attempts to contact agencies here ended up without response), but the communication, attention to detail and their attitude set them apart from anything I’ve seen here.

As they are situated in Foz do Iguaçu, right next to the famous wonder Iguazu falls, they are the perfect choice for a destination wedding. After seeing the wonderful falls, I think you could hardly pick a more perfect spot for your destination wedding. If you ask, what a destination wedding is, read on:

Destination wedding is a great way to organize your wedding and travel to your favorite place. Many couples have friends or relatives living in various parts of the world, so why not have your wedding set at a beautiful place, with a sense of adventure (travelling and exploring with your friends) and all at affordable cost? 🙂 Well, that’s what more and more couples do. We could see that Iguazu has definitely the potential, who wouldn’t want to get married next to the biggest set of waterfalls on our planet, right? Well, if you are thinking about the destination wedding here, have a chat with Paula and Kenji from Paz Casamentos, they speak English and will help you like they did us. I don’t want to repeat myself or advertise, but they really are the one choice here 🙂 (And if you need a destination wedding photographer – well, you know where to find that one… 😉 )

But let’s get back to the wedding itself. 🙂

Gisele and Kevin

The wedding was not really traditional, it had two special things for us – first, it was truly international Brazilian-Paraguayan wedding, or as locals say – Brasiguaya. 🙂 Second, it was a baptist wedding, which has it’s specifics, that I will elaborate on later. The wedding itself was in Campo 9, a small place located between the Paraguay’s two biggest cities – Asunción and Ciudad del Este. It was a beautiful place owned by the church and the preparations began early in the morning, so everything was 100% prepared when people started arriving.

I will now stop writing and let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

 Bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready. Bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready.

 The beautiful wedding alley The beautiful wedding alley

One thing I love about the South American weddings – they start later in the day then the ones in our country, Slovakia. Most of the time, when the ceremony is finishing, it’s right during the end of golden hour and you enjoy a beautiful sunset. This wasn’t any different 🙂

And then you step inside and you see this. I mean, wow.

 The cake looks amazing, right? It has one secret though, I'll reveal it at the end of the blog post :) The cake looks amazing, right? It has one secret though, I’ll reveal it at the end of the blog post 🙂

One specific of the baptist wedding was unusual, but very simple – no alcohol. Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone missed it when you have these drinks on offer 🙂

 No alcohol, no dancing

 Car fans - can you guess the make and model? Many men were Car fans – can you guess the make and model? Many men were “drooling” the whole evening 🙂

As there were a couple of hundred people, the bride decided to do the bouquet toss a bit more unconventional – instead of one, she threw three of them. 🙂

That would be all for today 🙂

Thank you very much, Gisele and Kevin, for letting us to see a bit of your culture and to experience your beautiful day with you. 🙂 Thank you, Paula and Kenji from Paz Casamentos, for cooperating with us, your kindness and excellent work. And before I forget, thanks also to the main photographer Edu Freire, who is an amazing Brazilian photographer and had no issue that we joined him for the day 🙂

PS: the surprise about the cake – it’s not real! We spent a few minutes admiring how beautiful, big and detailed it was, only to find out that it was just a decoration. The real cake for the guests was simpler and back in the kitchen. Apparently, this is very common here – it’s a lot safer this way. 🙂

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