Argentinian Lake district

Argentinian Lake district

After brief time spent in Chilean lake district, we headed to Argentina to pick up my sister from the airport. The scenery was beautiful, and after finally managing to buy international insurance for our car – which was a small nightmare, because the company didn’t work with any of our 5 credit cards, we crossed the border for the first time 🙂

English only article. One day, when I will be old and won’t have any more pictures to post, I will translate this. ETA 20 years.

Argentina welcomed us with beautiful sceneries and amazing looking sky. Have a look yourselves:

 First from many crossings to Argentina to come. We were quite excited :) First from many crossings to Argentina to come. We were quite excited 🙂

We made it all the way to San Martín de los Andes, where we stayed at free camp and had a nice chat with a french couple. They have been travelling for a few months already – in a big caravan, together with their 3 children, homeschooling them every day. A proof, that if you are determined, there is always a way to do this 🙂

San Martín de los Andes is a nice and calm city,  full of small shops with hand crafted souvenirs, chocolate, hiking and fishing equipment in chalet style houses. It is located on the shore of Lake Lácar and a perfect base to visit nearby National Park Lanín. And to climb the volcano Lanín, if you feel the need to do that. 🙂

You could be forgiven if you’d feel as if you entered some Austrian alpine village, I mean look at those houses.

Because both our friend José from Ushuaia and the french couple we just met recommended us the same detour around the lake Traful, we decided to try it that way. Normally you would go through Vila la Angostura, but having tried both roads, I could wholeheartedly recommend other travellers this one. Okay, the roads were pretty sh*tty and they rattled the hell out of us, there was a small water/river crossing (made Ivan happy one more time), but the views and tourism-unspoilt places were worth it.

Last night before picking up Janka’s sister at the airport in Bariloche. I think this was one of the most beautiful places to camp so far. Hard to beat the evening view from our spot.

Next time on AMC’s Breaking Bad – the other part of the Argentinian Lake district.

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